EVGA showcase the new iCX cooling solution



EVGA have not been making headlines of late for the right reasons with their 1000 series cards prone to catching fire thanks to overheating. Fortunately EVGA did acknowledge the problem and issued a BIOS update which increased the fan speeds to overcome the overheating. Along with this, users were also offered a free thermal pad which would further help with heating issues. Many saw this as a sub par solution, with some demanding a total product recall. Unfortunately a recall was not issued, and left EVGA with a slightly tainted reputation. However it seems that CES was their opportunity to try build bridges with consumers with the update of their GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 cards that now include their new iCX cooling solution.




The new iCX coolers will be fitted onto three of their top line cards which include the GTX 1070 SC2 (08G-P4-6573), GTX 1070 FTW2 (08G-P4-6676-KR) and GTX 1080 FTW2 (08G-P4-6686-KR). No mention was made about the ACX cooler which begs the question whether the iCX name is going to be the standard moving forward in a bid to almost bury the cards catching fire issue. We don’t have any details regarding the clock speeds on these new cards, and as much as we would like to see higher clocks with a new cooling solution, we feel that EVGA might play this one safely. Release date and pricing is yet to be announced, but we are sure there will be a number of disgruntled current gen FTW owners who will not be happy about this.


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