Google Pixel’s security issues exposed


Google’s new Pixel phone has been impressing many with a spec sheet that rivals all the top smartphones out in the market at present, and not to mention a premium price tag to go with that. However it has not been all praise of late, with there being a number of concerns over the phones vulnerability in its security.


The latest security issues came to light at the 2016 Pwn2Own event that was held in Tokyo at the end of October. For those who are not familiar with the event, it is a gathering of hacking experts who compete to exploit security flaws in software and devices with large cash prize sums being offered up to successful hacks. The big surprise of this years event was from a Chinese team called “Qihoo 360” who managed to hack and gain control of the Pixel in under 60 seconds. This could further damaged the reputation of Android Nougat, as it was not too long ago that Nougat showed its susceptibility to the brute force method of cracking a password.


Considering the amount of data that Google holds, its a concern to see how easily the Pixel crumbled under hacking attempts. Google has assured that patches will be released to fix these issues, however they are going to need to be way more proactive with their approach to these security flaws to assure that this does not become a problem in future.

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