More details on the highly anticipated GTX 1080 Ti


The GTX 1080 has been out now for just over 5 months, and has unsurprisingly taken the crown for best high end GPU for the consumer market. And while the current GTX 1080 has more than enough power to run the most demanding games, there are those out there who are after more, and who are waiting patiently for Nvidia’s Ti version of their flagship card.


The latest news to surface thanks to a shipping manifest shows that the Ti is likely to ship with a massive 10GB of VRAM coupled with a healthy 384 Bit memory bus.

(FOC / PG611 SKU0010 GPU / 384-BIT 10240MB GDDR)


We know that in terms of power, it would be creeping up very close to the Pascal powered Titan X which puts the Titan X in a bit of an awkward position, where it is going to be a much higher priced card which offers no real performance advantage over the Ti apart from an additional 2GB of VRAM. Nevertheless, we are still looking forward to seeing just how well the Ti performs, and whether it is worth the inflated price tag over the standard 1080.

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