Reports show that ASUS shipped the most gaming laptops in 2016

ASUS Laptop


With advancements in technology meaning smaller componentry and less power draw, it has seen the mobile gaming market take flight over the last year, with gaming laptops seeing huge increases in sales. This has also meant that mainstream manufacturers such as ASUS and MSi are able to compete with the likes of Alienware who were always seen as the market leaders a few years back. The huge demand has seen ASUS take the crown for most units sold in the gaming laptop sector, with a total of 1.2 million shipped last year. Considering that the total number sold in 2016 was around the 4.5 million mark, that is a rather large hold on the market that they have. This could be partly down to the number of options available in both their ROG (Republic of Gamers) brand, and their accompanying Vivobook and Zenbook.


With that many laptops packed with top end Intel Core i7 processors, 16GB memory and graphics powered by Nvidia, it’s easy to see why many are heading to the Chinese computer giant for their next laptop upgrade. ASUS are also aware of this rising demand, which is why reports have been floating around that they are working on what might be the “thinnest gaming laptop” yet. Saying that though, there is some very tough competition out there in the form of the Razer Blade which combines power and aesthetics in a perfectly formed laptop, albeit at a much higher price tag. Either way, we are excited about what the future of gaming laptops holds, and welcome the healthy competition between suppliers!


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