SK Hynix announce 8GB LPDDR4X mobile DRAM

SK Hynix


With the way that the smartphone market is progressing in terms of technological advancements, it might not be too much longer till you are able to come to work with just your mobile phone to serve as a communication device and your personal computer. With the latest announcement form SK Hynix, the supplier of DRAM for the mobile phone market, we are getting one step closer. The memory giant has just released details on the world’s first 8GB LPDDR4X mobile DRAM. This new LPDDR4X is a high density module which according to SK Hynix, has “20% of superiority in power efficiency to current LPDDR4”. The company has not yet stated when it will be going into production, so you can count this out of any upcoming smartphone releases, with hopefully a 2018 integration into flagship models. Keep reading below for full details in the official press release.


SK Hynix Press Release


Seoul, January 9, 2017 – SK Hynix Inc. (or ‘the Company’, announced it has launched the world’s first highest density of 8GB(Gigabytes) LPDDR4X mobile DRAM using its state of the art dual channel 16Gb chips. SK Hynix has been planning to mass produce the product for upcoming flagship smartphones equipped with 8GB mobile DRAM. 8GB is the highest density in the LPDDR4X standard, which has 20% of superiority in power efficiency to current LPDDR4.


Data I/Os run at ultra-low voltage of 0.6V in the LPDDR4X compared to 1.1V in LPDDR4, having better power efficiency accordingly. The 8GB LPDDR4X processes 34.1GB of data per second with 64-bit I/O. Furthermore, the package size is the smallest ever (12mm*12.7mm), which is scaled down by more than 30% compared to an 8GB LPDDR4 with the thickness thinner than 1mm. The Company expects the product to be installed in a variety of mobile devices and optimize user conveniences with the virtue of the efficiency in battery use, the high performance, and the compactness.


“SK Hynix would help mobile device users maximize their experiences” said senior vice president Jonghoon Oh, the Head of DRAM Product Development Division. “The Company plans to expand the usage of the product to various applications such as high end laptops and automotive electronics as well as mobile gadgets” he added.


According to IHS Markit, average density in high end smart phones is to be 3.5GB this year and 6.9GB in 2020 with CAGR bigger than 25%. Plus, demand for 8GB mobile DRAM starts to be generated in this year and will occupy the biggest share in the high end smart phones.


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